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We have an established high court and magistrate court practice. All the team members are competent in litigation. We also do a lot of collection work for corporates such as Parmalat. We subscribe with Juta to get updates on the High Court and Magistrate Court practice manuals.


Maguga Attorneys and more particularly Mr. Mcebisi Maguga have been involved in the BRT/IRT business as advisors to the taxi association and the Vehicle Operating Company (“VOC”) Kidrogen (Pty) Ltd RF. We advise Kidrogen on a range of issues including the following:

Contractual relationship with the City of Cape Town

Corporate Governance

Administrative and Public law

Funding and Investments

Enterprise Development


We are involved in a Partnership En Commandite. We represent the main Partner who is also going to be the Management Partner in the Partnership. The transaction involves partnering with Pension Funds and invest the monies in social infrastructure and student accommodation.


The transaction involves a partnership between the City of Cape Town, the National Department of Transport and various transport companies. The City of Cape Town is concessioning the right to provide public transport system to the various transport companies which used to constitute taxi associations.

BURGAN CAPE TERMINAL (Environmental law and Public Law)

We are involved in the process for seeking environmental authorization for the project relating to the construction of a Petrochemical and Bunkering facilities in the Port of Cape Town. In the same project we also advise the Engineering Procurement and Construction Company which is a multinational Company. We provided advice with respect to all the statutory and regulatory framework which they need to comply with in South Africa and structured their B-BBEE deal in South Africa.

CORPORATE GOVERNANCE (Companies Act, PFMA and King 111)

We are currently involved in a transaction to advise a Private Company, Kidrogen (Pty) Ltd, which seek to comply with the regulatory framework that would otherwise apply to state owned entities and Public Entities. The regulatory and statutory frame work is the King 111 Report on Corporate Governance, The Companies Act and more particularly the provisions that deal with accountability and transparency.

We also provide Company Secretarial service which is more about Corporate Governance in the public sector including the Public Finance Management Act, the Constitution, Promotion of Access to Information Act, Promotion of Administrative Justice Act etc.

NATIONAL HOME BUILDERS COUNCIL (Constitution, PFMA and the Drafting of Regulations)

We are currently involved in reviewing the regulatory and legislative regime regulating National Home Builders Registration Council. This is in addition to the work we do for other state owned entities which requires us to be well versed in the public sector regulatory framework.

PETROSA (Environmental Law and Constitution Administrative law)

PetroSA instruction involved reviewing all the South African laws relating to construction and or conversion of existing buildings and put them in different use. It involved reviewing national, provincial and by laws relating to construction, the licenses and the environmental authorizations required.

Advised on the Project relating to the feasibility study about the construction of an LNG infrastructure in South Africa which would have involved laying a pipeline from Saldanha to Mosselbay, construction of a regasification plant in Saldanha, construction of Petrochemical Plant. Our instructions were to advise on all the regulatory framework involved including, environmental authorization, servitudes, construction laws, licenses required etc. We advised on this transaction as a part of the consortium with Cliffe Dekker and Hofmeyer.

REDISA (Renewable Energies)

Redisa is a state owned entity responsible for the recycling in South Africa. We have been involved in a number of contract with them relating to research studies to be done, collaborations, intellectual properties, lease etc.

DUE DILIGENCE (Corporate and Commercial law)

Acquisition of commercial assets by PetroSA in South Africa and in other Countries. This required us to conduct due diligence. The due diligence would be both the Country and the counterparty due diligence. In the past we have been involved with restructuring of other state owned entities such as Transnet, Eskom, Telkom in all those instance we had to conduct due diligence.


We are currently involved in 3 transactions involving commercial related work. The work relate to a merger and acquisition between Zimele Business Technologies and Business Connexion Ltd which a publicly listed ITC company.


We are currently involved in a disciplinary hearing process pertaining to a state owned entity and another pertaining to a private Company. We also do a lot of labour related matters such as investigations and restructuring.


We are currently involved in the transaction that involve a finalizing funding of R2bn. The 2bn shall be used for infrastructure development which is both the under structure and the top structure. Maguga Attorneys Inc. are the advisors to Adowa.


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